(TV) Netizens are divided in Big Brother’s Decision to Force Evict Banjo

So last weekend I was able to catch up with the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) OTSO Batch 2 Teen. After PBB announced the BIG FOUR from this batch, I insisted to find time on getting updated with them. Well as usual, I have my early favorites. Lance, Angela and Ashley stood out based on what Ive seen. I know they are not perfect but I think they gave characters to the season. After that, I promised to catch up with the new adult housemates inside PBB but I said maybe sooner. But not until this latest controversy inside PBB when Big Brother decided to force evict the funny fighter of Quezon City, Banjo Dangalan. The complete list of ADULT HOUSEMATES HERE

Apparently, Banjo Dangalan‘s behavior inside the house were called by his fellow housemates. On the 10th day episode of the adult housemates inside PBB, the show tackled the inappropriate jokes Banjo is using.

I am very glad that these girls speak out about this and showing too much courage in discussing what is not right. This kind of bad jokes are actually not new to us. To live in a country where your President himself is making these kinds of joke as if it is normal is sick. PBB made the decision to tell its thinking audience that it is NOT OKAY.

Okay to give you this seven-minute clip of the issue, here is the one from PBB Youtube channel.

Netizens engaged with last night’s episode after Big Brother announced Banjo Dangalan’s force eviction.


Big Brother also reiterated the Pinoy Big Brother rulebook, which states that:


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