(STREAM) iFLIX’ MYSTIFIED Review: Globally Appealing Series with Empowered Women

As you all know, the much awaited reunion of our favorite empowered women of the popular series back in the days are back in one of the promising project for iFlix. For starters, this is the first iflix original movie for the Philippines that tells the story of four sorceresses starring Iza Calzado, Sunshine Dizon, Karylle and Diana Zubiri who, through their combined strengths, have successfully banished the evil witch Hellga through the use of the Portalis. Now, the four women have been sent to live in the real world to protect the magic portal – except they are not allowed to use any of their powers. Many years later, they must come together anew to protect mankind from a great evil that is coming their way.

I liked how iFlix get these four amazing women in one of the much anticipated reunion of the Sang’gres everyone loved. These four never lost their touches with their consistent fight scenes. I can say that there is so much potential for this movie to be a series. The effects and animation is there, something that is worth looking for. The producers made sure that the fans are in for a treat. I don’t want to spoil the moment but this is way much enjoyable when you stream it without disturbance.

Would love to give credit more to Iza and Karylle for a compelling portrayals. Their powerful characters saved the day. Though some of the scenes are not that convincing but the storyline didn’t disappoint. I’d like to believe while watching it I am into their world mixed with strong animation and real life occurrence. For me, the takeaway here is family will always be the core of anyone’s moral upbringing. And that modern women are, and will always be empowered to fight inequalities, and evil forces in this world we live in.

iFlix is off to a good start in appealing to its global audience. With its premiere series that talks about women empowerment, I wish there will be more original content in the future that iFlix is producing (pretty please?). Because this is what is going to set apart from the mainstream television.


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I’m still trying to figure out how can I cast my iPhone iflix app to my Devant Smart TV but no luck for now. Meantime, here are some good contents from iFlix that you can bingewatch this holyweek break. CLICK HERE.

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