(INSPIRE) Meet the Hope of Quezon City, Chuckie Antonio

In this trying times in our country, we all look for heroes, new breed of hopefuls and those who can effect change to what has been idle in our community. Good thing, last week, I got the chance to sit to one of the aspirants in Quezon City. Someone who has a heart in public service and willing to give himself for the betterment of the city. I met Chuckie Antonio,  a 3-time Barangay Kagawad and is now currently running in District 3 of Quezon City. He was the youngest Kagawad in Quezon City.

A real charmer, Chuckie used to try showbizness. If you remember that lad impressing the judges with his wit and young aura in your television back in the days where Star Circle Quest is at its peak, you will probably remember him. But given the opportunity to pursue school, he focused in academics and family. After awhile, he found his heart in public service. In 2007 he joined the Sangguniang Kabataan and started a humble career in politics. From then on, he kept winning in his own Baranggay and in fact became the youngest Kagawad in QC at the age of 18. For three consecutive terms up until 2018, his goal is to really serve his people.

My impression is that he is really sincere in what he does. He doesn’t really have any role models in politics as he is trying to do everything on his own. With good people around him, I feel like he can be someone great in the future. We also got the chance to ask if he see himself running for higher position, he humbly answered “Given the chance, I will probably take it. As long as I enjoy what I’m doing. If its for me, I’m sure it will come, If not at least I tried.”

When asked how is he different from other young politician: ” I believe what sets me apart is that I am definitely aggressive when it comes to trying to achieve something in QC, and in youthful aspect, to be a representative of my generation, help them with more opportunity, and help them showcase their skills and talents and show them that we can be all active when it comes in governing Quezon City.”

Future Project?

“When I started this campaign, I first visited all 37 Barangays, and found out about their main concerns. Their 3 main problems in Quezon City are Health, Education and Employment. I think that would be my primary trust in my campaign. My projects will align with those advocacies. And how do I propose to solve poverty and health problems? For now I don’t think one person can solve these, but we will do our best in our own ability. I will also try to create programs that will allow people to stray away from illegal substances, or definitely add more programs to support them simply to show people that there is a lot to do.


For my own standpoint, I think he is a good addition as councilor in Quezon City and here are the three (3) reasons why you should vote for him.

  1. He is very aggressive to help and be one of the catalysts of change in Quezon City.
  2. He is part of the young generation where he can really represent his crowd in creative good programs around.
  3. He has the heart to help people, and to make that lasting change the city is hoping for. His heart is definitely into public service.

Chuckie Antonio is the hope of the youth. He is named #1 Barangay Kagawad and the Youngest Kagawad of Quezon City. An active Gawad Kalinga member, and sports advocate for the youth. This 26-year-old 3-time Barangay Kagawad is now running as Councilor of Quezon City District 3.

More power to you Chuckie!

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