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Can you believe it? We are almost done with the first quarter of 2019 and I’m sure most of you are planning your summer vacation. Well on my end, I’m still finishing all write-up commitments for the month including content plan for an exciting campaign this June plus that cameo taping for an upcoming movie LOL. Anyway, with all of our busy schedules, I got a lot of “How did you manage your time?” given that full time job which up to now many were astounded to know. But nevertheless, I think it is more of managing your day efficiently than doing all of it as the same time.

Well I talk about efficiency because early this year, I found another way to make our time and day more efficient. For a bachelor living alone like me, it has to be a one-man team dynamics. From my laundry to groceries, errands at work and all that stuff, I must have found a system wherein I can do all these, ON TIME. Okay going back to what I discovered, I found an app that solved all my problem managing my laundry. Admit it, we all have that moment where we really don’t have time to drag ourselves to laundry shop because we all want to sleep after an all day’s work. So, I found SWOSH.

SWOSH is a laundry pick up and deliver app which caters for the major part of Metro Manila.  Swosh is the first Filipino-made Laundry and Cleaning app in the country that was launched in June 2018 and I’m telling you how efficient and helpful SWOSH is to my life right now. Okay, not just for me but those busy people living in the city, living in the condominium with no time and space to do their own laundry.

They have the following services being offered:

Regular Laundry (wash, dry and fold)

Special Laundry (Wash, Dry and fold + pressing per piece)

Dry Clean (For suits, dresses and Barong per piece)

Ultra Sonic Shoe Cleaning (Stage 1 and 2)

and Pet items. (They accept pet beds up to 3kgs and pet Pillows, mattings, pet towels and apparels up to 8kgs.


So what I did was I downloaded the SWOSH app, create a profile like how we create our Facebook or twitter profile.

I didn’t get to use the app right away because I’m still on vacation but by the I got back I gave it a try. I tried their ultra sonic shoe cleaning. Their ultra sonic shoe cleaning usually take some time to make sure they provide the best cleaning solution to us and they didn’t disappoint. I received my two pairs of sneakers on schedule!

When I say ON TIME I mean, just in time for my casual Friday look. So If you are availing of the service, make sure you schedule the delivery on your available time or when you need your item.

SWOSH is really convenient for me because you just need few clicks to get your chores organized. It is as simple as booking your cab to work, or ordering your food in one go. I find the delivery and concierge fee reasonable because why not, we pay for convenience and alternative way of living. And SWOSH was able to do that for us without the hassle. And since I am satisfied with the service, I book another regular laundry this time.

My laundry smells good! It is a relieve knowing that our own clothes are being well taken carefully. For years that I am entrusting my laundry to nearby shops, some of my worries were the chances of being mixed with other clothes, or if they didn’t use  fabric softeners or scent boosters. These are well handled by SWOSH. They partner with trusted shops to provide the quality service we deserve.

I got a perfect timing to have my laundry delivered that time because I need one of my slacks at work to match my plain tees from Uniqlo.

Oh by the way, we earn points after a successful booking with SWOSH. That time, I earned 32 points woot!

And you’ll get all the notification about the transactions on your email and on your phone feed.

SWOSH dispatcher on the other hand were polite based on my multiple times booking an app. They are very friendly and on time, which I highly commended. They will coordinate their arrivals so you’ll know they are coming to pick up or deliver your laundry.

To summarize, here is how the app works, watch this video:

For more information about SWOSH, you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates and promos.

Instagram: @swosh_philippines / Twitter: @swoshph

You can also visit their website at www.swosh.com.ph for more information. Here is how you can download the app: Google Play: http://bit.ly/GoogleSwoshApp and on iOS App Store: http://bit.ly/SwoshApp

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