(TRAVEL) Are You Ready for Summer? Here are 7 Awesome Things About Aureo La Union

I actually started my year with an unusual boring routine. Deadlines both from work and blogs are already piling up so I had no choice but to double time on what’s on my plate. Good thing by the end of January I was able to fulfill a winter #rodtrips in Seoul and then went straight ahead to another cold place from a business trip at work. The soon as I got back, I felt that I already missed Manila and that summer must indeed happen the soonest. Thanks to the opportunity to try new places again. Before February ended, I was able to visit La Union, one of my to-do list in the north. Because who wouldn’t want to visit La Union?

La Union is pretty popular now for surfing. This laid back coastal town of Ilocos is indeed now more accessible from Manila. I have been to some places in Ilocos but there is something fascinating about La Union. So I said yes when friends finally shed light that this trip is happening. I know that nowadays, It’s not really hard to travel going up north because of SCTEX and TPLEX.

So from Manila we went straight ahead to San Fernando to see Aureo, the first class tourist destination resort in La Union.

I was with my fellow blogger friends Say Tioco, Valerie Tan and Rodel Flordeliz. We were able to fill an entire coaster and lovely to see Cha Ocampo with her super sweet mom. My friend Marj Sia is already in La Union so the party just started at lunchtime! We were also provided sun protection from Beach Hut!

We actually settled after lunch because the launch and inauguration is also scheduled that afternoon. We had some rest and went straight to where the ribbon cutting is. The program started right in front at the heart of a beautiful sky waiting to unveil that golden sunset.

Here is the very pretty Executive Vice President Ms. Cassandra S. Yap welcoming all of us!

Executive Vice President Ms. Cassandra S. Yap and Guests of Honor Congressman Pablo C. Ortega of the 1st District of La Union, Governor Pacoy R. Ortega and Vice Governor Aureo Q. Nisce of the Province of La Union and Brian Yap.

Truth is, I have no expectation when it comes to the resort. All I want is to be with friends beside the beach thinking about life in general while sipping our citruses, mojito to be exact. So I’m not going to bombard you with the usual stuff but here I am I want to enumerate so many beautiful remembrance from Aureo La Union.

First, SUNSET – Oh Christ, how can I not love that sunset view while walking along the shore. It’s like a PowerPoint presentation came to life. The location is very sincere to make you feel relax.

Below: Shane, Marj, Say, Me, Valerie, Regina and Rodel after that very beautiful sunset.

Second: Their Beachfront COAST Bar and Restaurant has a variety of selections. From fish to beef to chicken up to your favorite grills and sumptuous meal under the hands of Chef Ramon Antonio whom we met that weekend. The restaurant is overlooking the sunset beach and is designed by renowned Filipino Architect Ed Calma.

Third, its design is precisely modern. They incorporated a residential scale to the architecture that you feel very at home, beside your favorite pool. I lost count on how many times we dip and soak, even midnight.

Fourth is the Breakfast! Other than its restaurant’s strategic location facing sunset, I always look forward to breakfast menu and I actually had problems choosing from that delicious bacon or the rest. It was appetizing!

Fifth: Their SWIMMING POOL – there are various phases in Aureo La Union. And don’t you just love it when the pool is just in front of your hotel room, with colorful inflatables and floaters such as unicorn.

Sixth is the friendly and accommodating people in the resort. How can you not smile when everyone you see in the resort are as polite as those in the 7th Heaven series. They will greet with you with a smile as if you were with them for quite sometimes. You should find Antonio (Edel they call him), he is a very hands on manager.

and finally, they have customized tour itineraries. Aureo La Union offers packages that will fit your needs. If you are as adventurous as me, you will enjoy what they’re offering. There were Jetski activities (I’ve heard there are more units coming this summer), kayaking and there is a volleyball area along the beach


Over all, my first time in La Union made it extra special by Aureo. From that wonderful homey and VIP treatment to chill and party music up to the sunset walk that led to some real talk conversation with friends, I can only imagine how Aureo planned it well.

They make sure our stay is worth remembering. It didn’t disappoint. THANK YOU AUREO! I MISS YOU ALREADY.


For more information about Aureo La Union, you can visit their website at http://www.aureohotels.com/

Check their social media accounts on INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/aureolaunion or Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/AureoLaUnion/

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