(LIFESTYLE) How I manage to enjoy my bread basing on my daily lifestyle pattern / routine.

If there is one thing I remember about my elementary days, that is definitely Pandesal bread in the morning. My Mom always buys Pandesal bread from the guy on a bicycle with a cute horn, signaling that a hot Pandesal is coming. Now that I am living independently, I would say that I am definitely a breadnatic! Up until now, I always make sure that I have bread from time to time and I’m going to share you how I effortlessly prepare my Bread on a daily basis. So today, is all about delicious bread!

Working as a corporate lad fulltime while blogging on the side, I expect my daily routine extra busier than ever, that’s why I always make sure that I always have bread on my table to address. Other than that delicious cheese bread in my favorite supermarket, Gardenia is always on top of my choice when it comes to variety. As my neighbor always say, “Lagi kayong may masarap na tinapay.”

Gardenia PHilippines

Every time I go home in Bulacan every weekend, Mom always prepares a three-slice peanut butter sandwich for me. I know it is weird but I always want my sandwich that big. In addition, she knows that what complements our peanut butter is to spread it on that super soft classic white bread of Gardenia. Here is what I know, peanut butter is extra healthy compared to bacon on your sandwich though, I don’t mind having one from time to time.

Gardenia PHilippines

At least once a week, I visit the gym near the office to repent for the unlimited rice I have daily. Other than my favorite protein shake to kudos my routine, I create my own merienda using wheat bread in the market. I think I can save a few bucks if I make my own sandwich than buying the regular high in protein sandwich downstairs. I recommend the high-fiber wheat raisin loaf. You can never go wrong with this bread, with its green colored packaging, it is very inviting on the shelves.

Gardenia PHilippines

Gardenia PHilippines

Gardenia PHilippines

Of course, I do not bore myself with the feeling of having healthy meals alone. Other than my favorite pudding that is readily available on the store near my place, Gardenia’s Black Forest loaf is a delicious treat on the get go. I like how they managed to incorporate that perfect cake taste in a loaf. Well, not every day we get to buy cake just to satisfy our cravings but this Black Forest loaf will gratify our midweek with its lusciously soft and moist chocolate bread.

Gardenia PHilippines

Of course, we Pinoys love coffee and I am a big coffee lover as obvious as it gets on my Instagram postings. Moreover, as I mentioned above, I grew up having pandesal every morning. Makati however, does not have these people selling pandesal in the morning unlike in Bulacan. So I make sure I buy pandesal myself as well. Sometimes, I cook corned beef with potatoes and use that as fillings to my Pandesal. I miss the old times, but gladly, Gardenia still makes our pandesal experience just like the old times.


I know some of you are also bread lovers and I do not know if there are other ways to enjoy these. However, make sure that when you go to your favorite supermarket, always find the loaf that is cholesterol-free, folate-enriched,  with vitamins and has zero trans-fat. In short, go to the bread shelves and find that Uncle Slocumm’s American recipe logo in blue and red stripe like this.

Gardenia PHilippines

As you can see, they have all the product type based on our lifestyle patterns and our personal taste in breads.

It is also worth sharing with friends that is why, it’s okay to have Gardenia your everyday habit because there is definitely a bread that suits you.


Oh by the way, I forgot to share with you, Gardenia has been my sponsor when we established the Laguna Blogging summit years ago. They were able to provide so much bread on our session. Click my article here: LAGUNA BLOGGING SUMMIT WITH GARDENIA

For more information about my favorite Peanut Butter, you can send me a message on my Instagram or FB Page but I am sure you want to know more about the exciting flavors I mentioned above, visit their FB page, or follow them on Instagram HERE.

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