(LIFESTYLE) Capture Your Reality with Insta360 Nano & Camera from Digital Walker!

For quite sometime, I wonder how others capture a 360-degree photos and make it like they’re inside a tiny planet. I’ve been seeing some 180 to 360-degree photos on my timeline and still wonder what gadgets are they using to capture that same exact lovely photos.  I have reviewed some of the smartphones in town lately and other than panoramic shots, some of them didn’t invest in the 360 capability.

Anyhow, fast forward to today. I was able to meet, if not the greatest gadget of 2017, is the most awesome smartphone accessories that will address all our needs in terms of a wider, 360-angle. Be it a photo, a video and even when you are planning to do a live streaming of a certain activities. Here comes the Insta360 Nano and Air Panoramic Camera.

To fully experience this incredible gadget, we went to one of the most beautiful places to reminisce Filipino history and craftsmanship, the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. This place took us back to 18th-century Philippines in the twinkling of an eye.

Insta360 by Digital Walker

So I did a little unboxing while on our way and as I unlock my knowledge to this tiny gadget, I discover that this is the little friend I need for my blogging life aha.  Insta360 is compatible with both Apple (Nano) and Android (Air) users and is quite handy. The Nano can be directly plugged into your iPhone and the Nano App will be activated upon connection, while the Air connects via USB Type-C or Micro-USB port and uses a smartphone’s display as its viewfinder. Both make capturing and sharing 360-degree content easier than ever.

Insta360 by Digital Walker

HERE ARE THE Insta360 Specification.

Resolution3040 x 1520
Storage mediumTF card
Dimensions110mm(D) × 33mm(W) × 21mm(H)
Weight70 ± 5g
Battery capacity800mAh
Adapter requirements5V / 1A


The HD FISHEYE lens is incredible! I just have to be careful on its lens or course. But look at the design, sleek and stylish. The rounded logo at the center is the gadget shutter and power.
Insta360 by Digital Walker

At the back you’ll see the lightning connector for our iPhones and that small dot there is the LED indicator.

Insta360 by Digital Walker

At the bottom of this gadget you’ll see the Micro-USB Port so you can charge it, a TF Card Slot and an Internal Microphone so when you take your video it captures the audio around you. With 360-degree photos and Virtual Reality, you will really feel like you’re somewhere, not just experiencing it through someone else’s eyes.

Insta360 by Digital Walker

I inserted the lightning connector to my iPhone, and I’m ready to go! I feel like my phone is extra powerful. This is indeed the best way to transport people into places and moments, bringing them to another place without actual travel.

Insta360 by Digital Walker

From the downloadable app on our app store, you will see some of the sample works from other users as well. You can also create your account and manually download your captures from the app itself.

Insta360 by Digital Walker

And since I am into doing live streaming for events, this one is highly recommended for my daily blogging coverage, whether you are a pro or non professional. This is I think will be my best friend to capture a 360 experience LIVE! I can finally broadcast immersive experiences to the world or share 360-degree content to friends on a host of popular social media – including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Messenger – directly from the app interface.

Insta360 by Digital Walker

Ofcourse we did try this during our visit in Las Casas! Here I am with Rodel Flordeliz trying out the Insta360. During this tour, Rodel was using the Air Camera for Android while I’m using the Nano for iPhone.

Here are some of the photos I intentionally twisted from the app itself.  Now I know how its done, just like one of the ads of a leading telco here haha!
Insta360 photo001

Insta360 photo002

Insta360 photo003
Here are the gallery of our trip to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar!






#CaptureYourReality and share your adventures with Insta360. Change the way you look at the world, and start seeing it from every angle.vInsta360 is available at all Digital Walker stores. SRP: Nano – Php 12,990.00 and Air – Php 6,990.00. For more information, follow Digital Walker on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @digitalwalkerph.

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    1. Hi Ria,

      Yes I forgot to add, For NANO, you have to charge it like a regular powerbank, for Air no need to charge it. You can insert it straight and use it. Also the box comes with a VR functionality where you can use your phone into a Virtual Reality experience. 🙂


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