(LIFESTYLE) 5 Reasons Why You should Experience The Venice Grand Canal Cineplex!

Last weekend, I was able to catch the Disney’s box office film, Beauty & the Beast the VIP way at the Venice Cineplex, Grand Canal Mall. To be honest, that was my first time visiting the Cineplex, and my  first time to set foot on that famous Venice Grand Canal Mall. I finally saw that beautiful spot where everyone took their selfies.
While waiting for the rest of my fellow blogger friends, I got the chance to roam around the area. I liked how romantic the entire surroundings and that Italian ambiance everywhere you look will give you that moment you thought you can only experience in Venice, Italy. The Cinema area at the third floor is easy to find so I went straight there. And because I am excited on that first visit, I was the first one to arrive.
Having said that, I noticed some interesting reasons why you should experience the VENICE CINEPLEX. Let me share this to you.

1.  Faster Ticketing Queue. I checked that despite a full-pack weekend for the Beauty And the Beast screening, the line in cinema ticketing booth is faster than other malls near my place in Makati. I love how systematic they are.

 2. Overwhelming Cinema Ambiance. Aside from having a very friendly mall staff around, you will fall in love on how Venice Cineplex experimented on its design. It brings you to a different dimension when you enter the area.

3. SOUNDS. Some of the Venice Cineplex are equipped with a Dolby-Atmos surround system, making our movie experience even better.

4. RECLINERS! I don’t have to mention how lovely it is to watch your favorite movie with a leather love reclining seats at the VIP Cinema.

Here I am with Ruth Dela Cruz before our synchronized reactions to every Beauty And the Beast scenes. (Photo grabbed from RuthDelaCruz.Com)

5. Popcorns! Venice Cineplex ensures that our experience will be complete by showering us with the hot and freshly made popcorn with the flavor of your choice! I was able to finish mine in no time.
I really had fun and fell in love with how Venice Cineplex Team treated us. If not for another event right after the screening, I would probably book another movie (Logan or Skull) so I can stay til night. But I am sure I will find time to revisit again. Oops and by the way, I finally got the chance to have my photo taken at the Canal. And since the bridge are overrated, I chose the one with lesser crowd, wearin my favorite Mossimo tees!
Here are my fellow bloggers from Ruth camera (L-R: Edward Santos, Rodel Flordeliz, Birthday Boy MJ De Leon, me, Gus Villa, Duane Bacon, Ruth Dela Cruz and Rhea Bue)

I’m sure one day, Megaworld will surprise us with an app so we can book movies anytime, anywhere so stay tuned! And by the way, what is the point of telling you all these If Im not going to let you experience what I experienced? I will be hosting a Cinema ticket giveaway right at this page so you better check my IG or Twitter account for the announcement!


P270 for a regular cinema screening

P320 for a screening with a Medium Popcorn

P520 for a screening with Popcorn and Beverage in Ultra Cinema


For more information about the Venice Grand Canal Mall Cinema, you can contact 624-1971; 09175129934 or email: veniceconcierge@megaworld–lifestyle.com

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