(TV) ABSCBN Welcomes ‘FAMILY FEUD’, 10 Trivia You Ought To Know

The Filipino family gets to have a whole new bonding experience plus the chance to win cash and prizes as the worldwide hit game show “Family Feud” finally arrives on the Philippines game show capital, ABS-CBN, beginning Saturday (April 9).

This highly anticipated local adaptation of “Family Feud” offers viewers a different viewing experience brought about by the Filipinos natural wit and strong fighting spirit when it comes to healthy competitions. Also adding more flavor and life to the show is the country’s premier TV host Luis Manzano.

Im glad that Luis Manzano will be hosting it because of his witty, intelligent way of entertaining audience of today. I know we’ve been seeing him around hosting various game show but I think Luis remains the best choice to host this.

In a special game slash presscon held this afternoon in ABSCBN, Luis Manzano told entertainment press and bloggers that his still look up to his dad, Edu Manzano in terms of hosting prowess. While it is given that Luis has the face of attraction, he remains humble when he told that he’d rather be the conversationalist than someone people go crazy over in mall shows.


Family Feud” begins with the “Face Off” round where one representative from each family is asked to identify the most popular answers to survey questions already answered by 100 people.

The player who guesses the more popular answer or  the most popular answer, called the “Number One Answer,” gains control and enters the “Completing the Board” round with the rest of their family.

In the “Completing the Board” round, the rest of the family take turns in giving an answer without conferring with one another however, if the family accumulates three strikes or three incorrect answers they lose control of the board and the other family has the chance to steal the points.

Whichever family has the most points after both rounds proceeds to the “Fast Money” round. The “Fast Money” round is the final round where two members of the family are given 25 seconds to answer five questions and their accumulated points determines the winnings of the family.

Here are some of the Trivia about FAMILY FEUD you ought to know.





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