(MOVIE REVIEW) Know The Guy’s Perspective in Villegas’ “Always Be My Maybe”

Always Be My Maybe is a post valentine offering of Star Cinema starring Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz.

Directed by Dan Villegas, the movie is Graded B by Cinema Evaluation Board. Also starring Tirso Cruz III, Irma Adlawan, Nikki Valdez, Carlo Aquino as Fred, Jane Oineza, Ricci Chan, Cacai Bautista as Esang, Matt Evans as Pancho, Ahron Villena as Mikey, Pepe Herrera, Jairus Aquino, Victor Silayan and TJ Trinidad.

Watch the trailer first.

Always Be My Maybe’s attempt to let the guys perspective about love, relationships and breakups was there. We usually encounter predictable rom-coms in the past but this one, the standpoint from opposite sex were perfectly laid, I felt that both unexplained sides from men and women about falling in love were present.

gerald anderson2

Arci Munoz is one lucky uprising star to have given the opportunity to play the role of Tintin. The portrayal perfectly fits her, her gestures, being natural and transparent as if you are talking to one of your friends. Arci is the next big thing Im telling you now.

arci munoz

Gerald Anderson is genuinely real in this project. His role, dude he was really there, on every scene. I sensed that Gerald’s performance in Always Be My Maybe sealed his title as the action-drama actor of this generation.

gerald anderson

Ok let’s talk about that beautifully crafted sexy scene. You know, while it is always awkward to watch bed scenes with your family and friends, Villegas’ execution to this film’s bed scene is on its finest, artistically handled in such a way that you’ll feel the love from both end. The scoring complimented the execution and it was more than what 3-minute long? That’s surreal!

always be my maybe

Supporting cast made me feel comfortable. Worthy of recognition: Kakai and Jane Oineza who gave their piece of comedy and drama. Kakai explained the situation in a funny yet hurting truth about risking that attachment to someone you like. Though I felt that Jane’s capacity to act wasn’t maximize here. I thought there’s a redemption of her character in the end of sort but that’s just me on expecting too much.

Always Be My Maybe might be one of my favorite Villegas movies.


  1. That Sexy Scene
  2. Tintin’s seguing her emotions on every single video for public consumption
  3. Gerald’s part on confrontation scene.
  4. Scenic view of wait where is that beach? (help)
  5. The fake valentine date.

Rod Magaru Show >>> 9/10.

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