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Travel while you can. This is just one of the advise I have been reading on my timeline. While it is true that it is quite expensive, the opportunity to learn more going to places you’ve never been is priceless. That premise thought me to work hard so that I can bring myself, my family and the circle of friends around me to other dimension of the world.

My mom shared the same goal. She told me that while she werent able to enjoy her time traveling while she can, she is happy to see her dreams come true through me. So I always promise her a tour of my adventures through my blogs and videos. I once showed a photo of me in Guam with Mom together with blogger friends and she said to take more videos and instagram snaps!

Being a lifestyle blogger, I was able to share myself through my stories, I have learned that many people love to hear the stories I shared through my essays. I am learning too form the people I interviewed. From celebrity to politicians to someone inspiring. I have been working all day long. I ignore time. I ignore living the ‘NOW’ until I got to travel for work.

Since then I re-validated my goals, loosen up a bit, and meet the world. That is when I have learned that there is indeed, a world of wonder waiting for everyone of us. I started to find time to blogger friends.

THANK YOU BLOGGER FRIENDS! #AwesomeBlogParty #instafood #2014

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  For the last 6 years of blogging various stories, I finally met my great enemies: TIME and SLEEP. But glad I got the chance to manage these two. From daytime job to attending events to writing late at night, I was able to create a life I didn’t know happened. Thanks to social media. It was able to journal my wonderful life. I could not ask for more!

I created a memes at and true to its meaning, some of my best memories captured in these photos shared online. Here it is: world_of_wonder  Aside from James Bond movies and Candy Crush, my favorite companion to traffic from one event to another, TRAVEL is indeed my world of wonder. Travel allows me to see the world in different perspective. It gives me the chance to be young, humble and enjoy company of friends after hard work and crunching numbers and words everyday.

Aside from my work, which granted me to share my knowledge to key people in the organization worldwide, blogging opened so much doors for me. I remained interested in my own mixed interest that is corporate and blogging. Things I never thought will never happen becomes a reality in front of my eyes.

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In a short span of time, I was able to understand different cultures of different places thru work. Some of the wonders in my life happened through travel. In fact, two of my favorite travels were Bangladesh and Turkey. My trip to Dhaka helped me to understand the real meaning of trickery in this world, of less privilege families and contentment.


As I am involved in an organization where the vision is into alleviating poverty through our programs worldwide, these exposures gave me more reasons to smile and appreciate life, and that hope remains to be on our side.   On the other hand, visiting Turkey is celebration of culture, of individuality and leisure. It gave me other dimension of competition, focusing on one’s craft and enjoying the other side of living, spending.

I got to inspire friends in the industry about my travel and became my friends for life.

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Travel also pave the way for me to meet brands who also flew me to various parts of the nation for a launch.

DAVAO CITY welcomes @GrabTaxiPH #GrabTaxiNowInDavao. Thank you for having us!

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Throughout my travel, some wonderful companion gave me convenience to life.

I was really happy looking back at these experience.

Oh by the way, I’m sharing you this video with blogger friends sometime in 2013 when we decided to just leave the city and enjoy out of town weekend trip.

Up to now, my definition of wonderful life still remain, and that is to travel, understand your environment and your society. We have been on our feet working our days and nights to fulfill that profession but at the end of the day, it is important to always look back, ensure that you have someone by your side and have someone in your circle you can laugh and celebrate your success with.

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Cheers to happy people who found their own world of wonder through different aspects of life and hobby.

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