(TV) ABSCBN Finally Launches TVPlus, The “Mahiwagang Blackbox”

The long wait is over. Finally, ABSCBN Launches ABS-CBN TVPLus, the newest and biggest innovation that will transform  our TV viewing. ABSCBN TVPlus which promises clear picture and sound and will offer free exclusive channels on top of all of the free-to-air channels available via digital transmissions.

ABS-CBN TVPlus, or popularly known as the “Mahiwagang Blackbox“. It was Ted Failon who introduced it publicly but just a prize for the daily radio show. The network dubbed this launch as the mahiwagang pagbabago.

Signal / Frequency Availability (Location):

1.  Metro Manila
2.  Rizal
3.  Cavite
4.  Laguna
5.  Bulacan
6. Pampanga
7.  Nueva Ecija
8.  Tarlac
9.  Pangasinan
10. Benguet
11.  Metro Cebu 

The Mahiwagang blackbox or ABSCBN TVPlus, is like a digibox from your local cable provider. But the catch here is that there is no monthly fee for this. It is just a simple plug and play. ABSCBN TVPlus offers a more enjoyable TV Watching experience for the whole family and includes four  more exclusive free-to-air channels upon purchase. These are CineMO, the first ever all-day movie channel on free digital TV; Channel YEY where kids can tune to an all day movie channel free digital TV;  Knowledge Channel and my favorite DZMM TeleRadyo.

Present in the ceremonial launch below, ABSCBN Chairman Gabby Lopez III, President and CEO Charo Santos-Concio, and Karlo Catigbak.

The TVPlus is good for only one (1) TV Set. Regarding services, if you’re experiencing technical difficulties you can text 23661 or if it turns out there is a defect on the box and it is under warranty, you can bring it to authorized Sony (Solid Service ) centers.

So far, only ABSCBN Channel 2 has a digital version of the UHF channels, GMA7 is on their test broadcast. As long as the local channels invest on digital broadcasting, it will also be picked up at the TVPlus box.

Roll out will be finished by the end of the year.

Sarah Geronimo is the endorser of the Digital TVPlus. ABSCBN believes that Sarah Geronimo is the best artist to represent the product.  Whatever channels having digital broadcast, the signal will automatically be picked up by the digital box.

It will be available initially at the ABS-CBN Store, ABSCBNmobile Store, SM Appliance Centers, 2Go Express, Solid Service Center (Sony authorized Service Channel), Villman, Silicon Valley and other electronic, appliance and hardward store.





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