(MOVIE REVIEW) Changes, Choices and Chances in “Maybe This Time”

After the successful Box Office Movie hit, “It takes a Man and A Woman”, Sarah Geronimo is back with another Romantic-Comedy with Coco Martin. STAR Cinema continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary as it join forces with Viva Films in Maybe This Time, the biggest romantic film this season. Congratulations to Star Cinema and Viva Films for mounting another good projects that moviegoers will consider in theaters. Despite showing of major Hollywood films, Maybe This Time raked 20 MILLION in its opening Day.

CAST: Dennis Padilla, Buboy Garovillo,  Sharmaine Buencamino, Tony Mabesa, Ogie Diaz, Marlann Flores, Zeppi Borromeo, Alex Castro, Minnie Aguilar, Kathleen Hermosa, Garlic Garcia, Cecil Paz, and Devon Seron.


Directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng.

Written by Anton Santamaria and Melai Monge

Cinema Evaluation Board RATING: GRADE B


7 Years ago, Tonio (Coco Martin) managed to win the heart of visiting Summer English teacher Steph (Sarah Geronimo). Their relationship didn’t work out, however, as Tonio left to work abroad, leaving Steph heartbroken. In present day, the two run into each other again. Steph is now working in public relations, and it turns out that Tonio is seeing her domineering boss Monica (Ruffa Gutierrez). Stef is tasked with getting Tonio ready to join the ranks of high society. But as the two spend time together, old feelings resurface.


I think this is Sarah’s first debut to serious acting. I mean the kind of romantic comedy she did before were all fantastic and box office. Her performance in Maybe this Time has thickness, enough for me to do a slow clap during that confrontation scene with Ruffa. I’ve seen all Sarah Geronimo movies and never traced any part of her attacks from previous projects. Sarah G. as Stephanie is a breath of fresh portrayal from her past characters. I love all her glam and focus shots! She cried as if its real and I like her more now when she throws a line. I don’t know why I am seeing a lot of Sharon Cuneta in her styles. Yes, most of her gestures in every scenes in the movie are Sharon Cuneta-ish, and it’s a good thing.

Coco Martin’s comic attack to his role is very impressive and bracing considering he was known as a dramatic actor. Coco got me on his long lines of farewell with Ruffa and I predicted he will nail that scene. He still looks so young as he was 10 years ago.  His manly way of crying is his way of championing a scene. A little bit of diction concerns but it passed my judgment as his role calls for it.


  1. Confrontation of Teptep and Monica.
  2. Awesome Aerial view of the nature (hill?) Tonyo showed Teptep (can someone tweet me where is that located?) >> BATAAN Thanks!
  3. The scene where Tonyo and Teptep went back to the province.
  4. Family Lunch with Tonyo and Teptep. Pinoy culture never fails to amaze me.
  5. Teptep’s dialogue with her Mom.

I got to be honest on this, I think their partnership has a potential to grow if given a chance, but the plot didn’t push the kilig factor to its limit. Both were majestic in their performances on the back story. That ant scene is enough to make me smile. But I hate stories without too much tension. One more thing, the movie included Devon Seron in the movie but never say a word, a single line as Sarah Geronimo’s sister. That gay friend acting of Sarah is not really convincing. All he did was to bent his neck and arms to justify but he failed to convinced me on that area. There is one scene in the movie, when they were discussing the campaign concept. Sarah was sitting on Garlic’s right, then at one frame the camera was flipped (I’m sorry I’m too technical) placing Sarah on Garlic’s left.  Ok, KAKAOTALK, NEOZEP and CEBUANA LHUILLER I will forgive you this time because the placement were not as intrusive as it is.

I miss Zoila and friends to back up Sarah. Except for Garlic, everything went wrong on Sarah’s colleague. Overall, Sarah Geronimo deserves an acting award for her performance.

Ogie Diaz kept me glued to continuity. His comedy is priceless. Thanks to writers for giving him that punch lines and for Ogie in executing those very well.

 THEY SHOULD HAVE SHOWN US THAT KISS! It is Necessary for me Direk. Why do you have to hide it?

The movie showed us that no matter how many chances we have in life, its the circumstances that keeps us from taking it. And we don’t have to change to please other people. We should only change because we want to, not because other people tell us to do so.

ALL IN ALL. The movie is worth watching. You should see this for yourself. Congratulations again. Star Cinema and Viva films.

It’s an 8/10 for Maybe This Time. 9/10 for Sarah G.

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