(TV) FOX Holds VIP Viewing Party of The Walking Dead Premiere! Primetime Tonight 8.55PM on FOX

It was an afternoon filled with laughter, suspense and thrill this afternoon as FOX International Channels (FIC) holds an unforgetable Viewing Party of the much anticipated return of The walking Dead at BGC. Filled with fun and excitement, friends from online community sat altogether and share the exciting experience while munching on their favorite snack.

It was like watching with friends, only bigger and happier.

Blogger friends enjoying the PREMIERE!

So I took the opportunity to stand on their wonderful wall.

“Survival of the fittest” was most evident in the first half of The Walking Dead Season 4, where two groups of survivors were pitted against each other, but the second half of the season spells an uncertain future for Grimes and each person he had encountered and traveled with on his journey. The question on everyone’s minds is: How are Grimes and his people to survive without each other? Finally, the continuation of Season 4 will provide answers to the hungry questions of The Walking Dead fans all over the world.

Viewers were gripped by the shockers that came out mid-season, particularly the reappearance of The Governor, who had all the while been wandering on his own and attempting to carve out a new existence. The times he spent with new people, forming new relationships culminate in the desire to care for his new found family, so much that he dreams of conquering the prison so that they may live there. In the battle that ensues, events result in The Governor ordering the murder of all inhabitants of the prison. The prison is destroyed and overrun with walkers, its inhabitants – including Grimes and his son Carl – scattering in all directions.


Catch the premiere of the second half of The Walking Dead Season 4 tonight February 10, 2014  primetime encore at 8:55 PM, only on FOX

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  1. hi just want to ask if this was on a private venue or may restaurant na ni rent for the premiere viewing we are planning a premiere party (100th episode) on March for Once upon a time naman…and we are looking for a place at the moment for like 20 people…hoping for a response….thank you

    1. Hi, this happened at the FOX Office in BGC. But I think there are function rooms and events place you can check in QC such as 55 Events place. There are also restaurants that you can rent with huge TVs I think.


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