(APP) WeChat Introduces The Newest Craze on Your Smartphone! The GUNZ DASH.

Im the guy who has busy schedule and I spent most of my day online, emails, meetings and meetings. But in between these challenging appoinments, I spend my little luxury time on my smartphone. And when traffic is killing my time, I turn my attention to either twitter, facebook or games, yep games on my phone! im sure you still remember how the world go gaga with the invention of video games. And video games really have come a long way. From the early days of Pong to the ancient Atari systems, video arcades, and the Nintendo Family Computers of old, we’ve seen Pac-Man chase down ghosts, Mario battle Donkey Kong, Sonic run through hoops, and Lara Croft spelunking through caves.

Last week I shared with you how I maximized the use of social media apps. And today, Im very grateful that one of my favorite social media app, WeChat introduces Games with its version 5.1 upgrade. WeChat now makes things even more engaging with its first game offering, GunZ Dash.

I tried playing it last night and I am already hooked! The experience is like this: Imagine yourself in a fantasy universe where you are being chase and running for your own life. That is how exciting WeChat now. One of its first four titles is “Gunz Dash”—an arcade game which lets players embark on exciting adventures in a fantasy universe. For starters, you can personalize your game by choosing your own profile. It let you choose your favorite hero, including cute and clumsy Kattie, blonde beauty Nikita, passionate and strong Leo.

During your escapades, you can blaze a trail with your choice of vehicles, additional gears, and helpful buddies such as helpful Scarlet, lofty Cherry, or coin-boosting Husky!


Im sure you also have preference of the background music while playing, or change the way you look at your games. In Gunz dash, you can even personalize your gaming experience by customizing your music and effects while embarking on your quest.

20140126-172249.jpgI remember my old obsessions to Supermario, Car Racing and the likes of my 90s childhood video games. This one is really a trip down memory lane as gunz Dash brought me to that exciting feeling! Im telling you, this is fun! Now that you have set your preference, your adventure begins in earnest in this fantasy universe by sliding, jumping, beating challenges, collecting coins, and of course, winning the crown!

20140126-172256.jpgTo up the ante even further, invite your friends, dash with them, and then share your scores on WeChat to spark future battles. After all, what’s more fun than playing and competing with your buddies? Whether in solo or multiplayer mode, users can update their contacts with their scores as they speed through worlds in this exciting 2D animated, side-scrolling race game.

20140126-172305.jpgOn top of Gunz Dash and Game Center, the latest 5.1 WeChat upgrade comes with enhanced features, which allow users to support the latest platforms of iOS and Android, use group messaging to converse with aregular of 40 users or join at most two sized-up group chats with up to 100 users each. This update also lets users register with an email address instead of a phone number, link WeChat to Google with Gmail Contact Integration, edit ‘Favorite Messages’ via a cloud-based storage device, clear data, and export chat history, tell stories through photos, personalized watermarks and frames via StoryCam for WeChat, and delight in new expressions—all free and localized—with the app’s new animated sticker sets at Sticker Shop.

Download WeChat now and start with Gunz Dash!

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