(MUSIC) VIRAL VIDEO Katy Perry, Lip-Sync Malfunction and NRJ Music Award~!

Story from Gawker.com >> While performing her hit song “Roar” at thes in Cannes on Saturday, Katy Perry suffered a devastating lip-sync malfunction.

After her mouth was unable to match the backing track creating an awkwardly long delay, the show’s host stepped in and pulled the plug on the performance.

“I’m sorry to stop all your energy — I prefer you to be the best,” he said, before asking Perry if she wanted to go again from the top.

Perry agreed, except that the second time around there was no backing track at all, forcing the singer to say fuck it, we’ll do it live.

Here is the full performance, including the lip-synching fiasco and the failed recovery attempt


After footage of the incident went viral today, the show’s producers released a statement claiming Perry was always supposed to sing live, but a “technical problem” led to the playing of a “bad soundtrack.” Sure.

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