(DRINKS) OISHI Introduces Oaties Milk And Choco Chug! To Sip Is To Believe! @oishi_tweets

Last week I was able to try Oishi’s new beverage offerings: Oaties Milk and Oaties Choco Chug Chocolate Milk Drink. I also brought some for my officemates to try it and they loved it!

OATIES MILK and CHOCO CHUG from OISHI  is the first ready-to-drink milk of its kind in the market that is made more delicious and nutritious with finely ground oats. Each 250ml serving contains 4g of fiber, which you won’t get from regular cow’s milk!

As a busy person, twenty-four hours seem never enough for everything that you need and want to do. On the fullest of days, unhealthy choices become inevitable, such as skipping meals to rush to a meeting or to beat deadlines. So, what do you do to keep you going without interrupting your busy day? Choose a drink that’s delicious, nutritious as well as easy and filling at the same time.

Thicker and creamier with no preservatives, Oaties Milk and Oaties Choco Chug are yummy ready-to-drink alternatives to regular milk.


They come in tetra packs, perfect quick snacks for those always on the go.


So, drink up and grab some Oishi Oaties Milk and Oishi Oaties Choco Chug. To sip is to believe!

For more information, visit their website, www.oishi.com.ph or like their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/oishi.ph .

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