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Last May 2013,  I was able to interview the Philippine’s pride for Apprentice Asia, Celina and Jonathan.  (MY STORY HERE) AXN has searched the region for the best business entrepreneurs keen to work for Mr. Fernandes. Representing seven countries in the region (Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines), the top 12 come from an interesting myriad of backgrounds in entertainment, food & beverage, hospitality, information technology and the legal and finance world. From ages 25 to 38, some are in their first jobs, some already own a thriving business where they are based; some have the gift of the gab from their years in showbiz and some have been recognized for their work in marketing and entrepreneurship in their respective countries.


During the competition, Celina was eliminated (Episode 7) for the Air Asia Challenge leaving Jonathan continue fighting for the race of becoming the next Apprentice Asia.

During the viewing Party last month: Jon, Celine, Group Chief Executive Officer of Tune Hotels, Mark Lankester CEO of Air Asia Inc. in the Philippines, Marianne Hontivero.

Celina indeed is one of the most smartest among everyone. What;s sad is this is the time when Air Asia hold a viewing party last June and we’re all surprised that it was the Celina bidding goodbye on the show. I recall Jon mentioned. “An epitome of true beauty and brains” pertaining to Celina.

Finally last week, The show announced that Jon and Andrea made it until the end.  Jonathan is a senior product manager in the pharmaceutical industry while Andrea Loh Ern-Yu,  from Singapore a civil-and-commercial litigation lawyer.

Ever since I met Jonathan last May, I knew he was going to win.  Prizes that are at stake? A top-notch position in one of Tony’s many enterprises. And the monetary value if Im not mistaken, around US$100,000 to 250,000 WOW!

Jonathan Yabut (far left) with Celina Le Neindre (second from left) and Nazril Idrus and Samuel Rufus Nallaraj (4th and 5th from left) with Leanne Troop, a cast manager of the show, prior to his charity ball for the finale. Photo from the Jonathan Yabut-The Apprentice Asia Official Facebook Fanpage


In the finale, Tony Fernandes brought back six candidates who had been fired – three each for the two finalists. Philippine’s pride Jonathan picked the following >>> Sam Nallaraj from India, Nash Idrus from Malaysia, and Filipina Celina Le Neindre. While Andrea has India’s Ningku Lachungpa, China’s Alexis Bauduin, and Indonesia’s Dian Mukti.

Here I am with Celina, Jonathan and Mr. Mark Lankester last night at the preview party! Now Im considering joining as such!

Happening right now is the finale party for Jon and the rest of the Apprentice Asia Team. I’m actually having a party right now Woot! Will post more photos later as Im busy sipping congratulatory wines to Philippines!

Congratulations Jonathan! You made it!

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