(TV) The Happy Filipino makes traveling to the Philippines more fun!

Filipinos are known to be among the happiest people in the world, and anybody who has been to the Philippines will attest that the Pinoys’ remarkable ability to face anything with a happy and positive outlook truly is what sets them apart from the rest of the world. When it comes to observing distinctly Pinoy quirks and sensibilities and highlighting the best of what the country has to offer, the insightful and humorous videos of YouTube sensation Bogart the Explorer always hit the spot. 

In his latest video, Bogart tours his newfound friend Kirk—a foreign tourist on his first visit to the Philippines—around the country. Along the way, the Davaoeño shows Kirk the countless reasons why the Filipino joyfulness is contagious. From voluntarily including themselves into other people’s photo-ops, singing karaoke all-day by the beach, joining the street party in local festivals, and eating Chickenjoy at the country’s favorite fastfood chain, Bogart lets Kirk immerse in the unique local culture and have a first-hand, genuine Filipino experience. “Filipinos are innately happy people and that is one of the qualities that endear us to outsiders,” says Bogart.

More than the diversity of the country’s natural resources and its often-cited world-class beaches, it is the Filipinos’ warm hospitality and happy character that has inspired the Department of Tourism’s It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign. Other countries may also boast of the same or even better attractions but for Bogart, who has made it his advocacy to further push the Filipino’s love for fun, the Filipino people is the number one reason why tourists should travel to the Philippines.

 “The Filipino culture is hard to define. We’re mixed, we’re diverse. But the best thing about visiting the Philippines and what sets us apart from other countries is our people. We’re our country’s greatest treasure.” To find out more about the happy Filipino, visit www.thehappyfilipino.com.

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