(FOOD) Segafredo Zanetti Brings Italian Espresso Tradition to the Philippines with Myespresso

Im a huge fan of Coffee, Black to be specific. Whether to soothe oneself after an all-nighter or as a picker-upper during the day, a strong and aromatic shot of espresso instantly jumpstarts and amplifies one’s mood.

Happy to know that Segafredo Zanetti brought the Italian espresso tradition to the Philippines last Friday, July 20 2012, by bringing in two world-renowned espresso masters from Italy and Japan who were flown in to the Philippines to share their knowledge about authentic Italian espresso.

Mr. Ilija Naumovski, the Grand Chef Barista & Supervisor of Segafredo Zanetti in Asia, together with Mr. Andrea Borghesan, Export Manager of Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Systems Italy, gave demonstrations and shared secret techniques on how to concoct an excellent cup of espresso. This is to ensure that the quality of Segafredo Zanetti Espresso remains true to its authenticity as it is passed on from one country to another.

Apart from Segafredo Zanetti, the coffee brand for hotels, restaurants and cafes; and Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, the brand exclusive for espresso bars, the company also delivers the Segafredo Coffee System for home and office machines. Large-scale espresso machines are being produced under La San Marco brand for industrial use. With different offerings for different industries and uses, the Segafredo Complete Coffee Solutions excellently cater to specific production needs.

Since the opening of their first café in the Philippines in 2002, Segafredo Zanetti continues to innovate the authentic Italian espresso experience to warm the hearts and energize the minds of its customers. With the new Myespresso machine, Filipinos can now have their strong, creamy cup available in the comfort of their establishments, their offices and in their own homes.

PS: Thanks to John Michael Bueno of kumagcow.com for the photos

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