New Avida TV commercial shows touching, funny side of moving out

For Filipinos, moving out of the family home evokes feelings of sadness and hope, fear and excitement—for parents as well as their grown children. A touching yet funny vignette about moving out is shown in a new television commercial featuring Migs, a young man who takes his dad on a tour of the new condo unit he bought from Avida Land, an Ayala Land brand.


New Avida TV commercial shows touching, funny side of moving out

Since Filipino families are usually close-knit, moving out can be a big decision; it’s not unusual for some grown children—even those who are already established and successful at their jobs—to live with their parents until marriage takes them away.


It’s no wonder then that in the TVC titled “Finally, an Avida For Me,” Migs feels apprehensive at first while driving his dad to his condo unit. in less than a minute, it likewise shows, how Migs’ move into his own condo affects his relationship with his dad.


First of all, Migs wants his dad to trust him—for his dad to know that he’s able to make good decisions on his own and can take care of his own needs, independently. Migs shows his dad around the Avida property to assure the latter that his new home is a safe and secure place to live in.


Along the way, Migs’ dad sees amenities like the beautifully designed swimming pool and recreation area. Migs’ dad experiences how friendly the condominium staff are—they all know Migs by name; they call him “Sir Migs”. Later, as father and son come up to Migs’ floor and condo unit, the dad realizes that the place is quiet and peaceful, and Migs’ unit itself is well-lit, airy, and big enough to live and move around comfortably.


Migs also assures his dad that Avida’s flexible payment terms make it easier for him to pay for the unit, the dad simply says, “So. You don’t need my help.”  That’s the touching part. That one line of dialogue tells us that the father accepts the reality that his son is all grown up and can live independently—away from the family nest, so to speak.


Migs, realizing that he didn’t want his dad to feel un-needed, just makes a joke about how his dad could help him get a flatscreen TV for his new home.

The Avida TVC, in just 45 seconds, captures the distinctly Filipino family dynamics and emotional experience—without being melodramatic—between parents and children, who come to realize that they have entered a new phase in their family life: one that involves physical separation.

The TVC drives home a fact of family life: parents must allow their children to face the world on their own, while children must reassure parents that the separation neither means a withdrawal of their love nor an abandonment of the people who raised them from infancy.


“There are a lot of people like Migs. They are ready to live independently and are seeking the possibilities that their freedom as adults will open up for them. Like Migs, they are looking for an ideal place that gives them privacy and security; is beautifully and sensibly designed, with quality amenities.


“They also want their new home to be strategically located, so they have easy access to their work. They need to be close to malls and stores that provide basic necessities; and places for recreation where they can have fun with friends or spend some time on their own, in order to remove the stresses of everyday living from their system,” said Avida Marketing Head Tess Tatco.


Of course, what makes Migs’ moving out easier for his dad is the proof that the son really now knows how to take care of himself; after all, he made a wise decision by choosing and investing in an ideal place to live.


Migs and others like him greatly benefit from the Avida brand, which is a company backed by Ayala Land, the Philippines most trusted developer. If you were Migs’ dad, you would also be impressed by your son’s choice—and would probably give him a flatscreen TV as a house-warming gift.

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