Sarah-Gerald (ASHRALD) FANS DAY clicks with Jolibee!

Sarah-Gerald with fans singing FALLIN!

What makes Gerald and Sarah click

A lot of people are thrilled to see Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo enjoying each other’s company more frequently lately. The two young stars not only look good together, they also share many similarities.  Aside from being two of today’s most popular stars, they are also regarded as among the nicest and most down-to-earth celebrities. Both of them are also very close to their families.

Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo singong wont last a day

Aside from their on-screen chemistry, Sarah and Gerald share something that makes them click together—their love for affordelicious treats.  As endorsers of Jollibee’s Always Affordelicious Chickenjoy and Burger Steak, Sarah and Gerald both know how to truly enjoy the simple things in life.


They both admit that they still delight in the things they have always enjoyed even before they were celebrities, including relishing their favorite Jollibee treats with loved ones.

“I am not really that high-maintenance, I don’t even consider myself materialistic,” shared Sarah. “As long as I get to spend plenty of time with people I care about like my family and fans, I’m already the happiest. And there’s nothing else we love doing together than bond over food. Eating Chickenjoy always reminds me of my best moments with my loved ones. And since it’s now Always Affordelicious, we can enjoy it again and again.”

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson at ASH RALD Fans Day by JOLIBEE

True to their words, Sarah and Gerald both happily took time off from their busy schedules to be with their fans last March 25 at the Jollibee Bee Like Ashrald Ultimate Fans’ Day and Always Affordelicious Blowout held at55 Events Place in Quezon City. Three hundred Ashrald fans got to enjoy the full day event that featured exciting booths and activities as well as fun games and raffle prizes that included Jollibee gift certificates, Extreme Magic Sing and Gerald’s prized jacked as worn in his Jollibee Burger Steak TV commercial as well as performances from their favorite idols. And to complete the whole day treat, Sarah and Gerald shared their favorite Always Affordelicious Jollibee Chickenjoy and Burger Steak for everyone to enjoy.

But wait theres more,

I took a short video of the MINI PRESSCON during the ASHRALD Fans DAY

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