When busy CBD of Makati become CheeseSteaks, Burgers and DRINKS!

Been working in Makati for quite sometime and I’m glad that the Ayala Triangle has developed tremendously to cater the needs of modern working environment. Ayala Avenue, as part of the busy Central Business District has always been a venue of people doing their own stuff, meetings, work–busy without exception, 24/7. Personally, we are used to dine on the usual canteen, fastfoods or what the nearby places of our offices are located to have our lunch and/or dinner. But I got some new discoveries around the busy Avenue.

Cheesesteaks, Burgers and Drinks or CBD is located on the very heart of Ayala Triangle. At first I didn’t know CBD is quite a place to dine since, admittedly some of the restos around it are quite popular, until we gave ourselves a try.

Totally different from our usual rice and/or basic meals, CBD Offers a variety! And when I say variety I mean all kinds of our indulgence! From cheesesteaks to short order meals to rice to coffee to ice creams and did I mention, beers?

I was able to experience the Chicago Peppercorn Burger (Pepper Crust with Fried Onion Straws and Creamy Steak Sauce (Photo Below) and its really delicious. I have to ask them to slice it in half since the burger is big enough.

There are also Chicken combo, some buffalo wings and different steaks to choose from. If you are craving for spaghetti, they also have single and orders that are good for two.

Below is a photo of Chicken Strips that tastes so good with its gravy.

What I love about CBD is that it is a combination of your favorite Coffee shops and restaurant at your favorite cozy ambiance. What surprised me are the shake and bake drinks that has a Milkshake and your favorite cakes we always order, blended together in one glass. I cant explain but its really a good experience should you try these blends.

I ordered Blueberry cheesecake and I feel like I’m having my favorite ice creams and cakes with Milk. Enough for me to get so full. I think these bakes and shakes are my favorite. I will soon try Apple, Banana and Vanilla Peanut Butter, which my friend Alex loves so much. (Photo from right)

Of course, I have to try their coffee, to check if I can substitute the place to some of my favorite coffee hangout. With their coffee ranging from 40 to 70 pesos only,  (Photo below)

I can say that it is an option now for me since they also have wifi, we can do our stuff there while having our favorite coffee.  I think I can suggest the place to colleagues in the office.


Last February, CBD also marks the 1st anniversary of CBD (Cheesesteaks, Burgers and Drinks). and they raffled off a brand new iPad 2.

CBD is one of the emerging place for us to choose from.

Rod Magaru Show rate CBD: 4 out of 5 Stars.




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