Sarah Geronimo sings Jollibee’s newest jingle, “Ang Saya ng Langhap-Sarap!

All pop princess Sarah Geronimo wants for Christmas is to spend the merriest holiday of the year with the people she treasures most – her family.

Sarah’s family values quality time together more than any gift they could possibly give one another. Their love for food is one thing that they collectively share. “When we’re together, we love to eat a lot. That’s how we catch up with each other’s lives.”  When they eat out as family, there’s no other place that makes Sarah and her family feel more at home than Jollibee, where many of their special bonding moments took place.

As Sarah sings Jollibee’s newest jingle, “Ang Saya ng Langhap-Sarap!” she can’t help but relate to the song about family bonding moments at Jollibee. “Pagdating sa loob, simula na ng kwentuhan. Bawat corner langhap ang happiness, bawat table sarap ng togetherness. Dito ay everyday pasko, feel at home ikaw at ako. Malutong ang halakhak at ang saya langhap-sarap. Ang saya ng langhap-sarap!” Happy memories spent at Jollibee instantly flooded back.

“Ever since we were kids, going to Jollibee is one of the things my siblings and I look forward to. My mother knows how much my sisters and I love eating at Jollibee, so whenever one of us excelled in school, we would go to the nearest Jollibee.  As my reward, she would give me a treat of my favorites like the Jolly Hotdog and Jolly Crispy Fries,” the pop princess fondly recalls.


Just like for Sarah and her family, whether it’s Christmas or just any regular day, there’s always a Jollibee store around the corner where happy bonding moments are re-created day after day.

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