MOVIE REVIEW: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (MMFF)

Regal Films and STUDIO 5 and has unveiled the official movie poster and teaser for their 2011 MMFF entry “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” Maricel Soriano reunites with Gabby Concepcion in the 2011 MMFF entry from Regal Films titled “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” this upcoming MMFF movie is totally different according to its director Jun Lana. Also starring in “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (2011)” are Carla Abellana, Jericho Rosales, Agot Isidro, Ronaldo Valdez, Solenn Heussaff, Dennis Trillo, Paulo Avelino, Lovi Poe and introducing TV5′s Star Factor winner Eula Caballero.

Last night, I was also one of the new media invited to graced the Red Carpet of Yesterday, today and Tomorrow Premiere Night. Most of the casts also at the Premiere with some other celebrity friends. For everyone’s information. Yesterday, today and Tomorrow is not a remake of 1986 movie also from Regal starred Maricel with Vilma Santos. OFFICIAL TRAILER

STORY: Ronaldo Valdez role is the father. He has two children from his first marriage, Maricel Soriano, who’s separated from Gabby Concepcion, and Jericho Rosales, who’s married to Lovi Poe, a singer who gave up her career for love and later rebels against her controlling husband. Maricel and Gabby have a daughter, Eula Caballero, who hates her mom. Gabby is about to marry a younger woman, Carla Abellana, then he meets Maricel again and their romance is rekindled. Ronaldo’s second wife is Agot Isidro and their only daughter is Solenn Heussaff. Solenn is already tired and bored with her boyfriend, Paulo Avelino, and gets attracted to a hunky gym instructor, Dennis Trillo. The trouble is she doesn’t know that Dennis is the kept boy of her mom, Agot. So they get to share the same man. Yayo Aguila plays a rich matron who was also Dennis’ lover when he was still working as a macho dancer and gigolo. Also in the cast are Joem Bascon and Nadine Samonte as TV stars working in Maricel’s network. There will be a big devastating earthquake in the movie and the conflicts in the story will all come out because of that.”

Maricel Soriano, after watching her stellar performance on YTT, impressed with her brilliance as an actress. She’s consistently one of the finest actress in our country. Her attack was indeed memorable that you would feel the intense on every scene. I think Aiai Delas Alas or Kris Aquino will have a hard time beating Maria’s acting. She’s my bet for Best actress for this year.

Gabby concepcion. I remember when Gabby concepcion come back from US and then he did another Filmfest entry with angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay. His role in Yesterday, today and Tomorrow is remarkable and superb. Though sometimes I find it hard to differentiate his acting with his other roles from other projects but I think he gave justice to the role as ex husband and a father.

Carla Abellana. Her acting is nice. Actually this is the first time I watched her on a big screen. I give her a nod on this movie. Lovi Poe is also good and experimental. I love how Direk Lana gave the scene to Lovi on a certain situation. The rolling camera gave her the exposure everyone wants to see in her as an actress. Jericho Rosales acting is the same. Me being exposed with Jericho Rosales acting in all series in ABSCBN. I think what he did is just fine. Sad that his role is predictable in this film. But I still get carried away in all of his attack. For Agot Isidro and Ronaldo Valdez, they were the best person to do the role. Nothing more nothing less.

Solenn’s performance is sexy. I think I started to like her as a new TV/Movie Personality. She’s one of the character in this industry that has unique style and élan. With her role in the movie, I think I agree that she has to focus speaking in tagalog so the masses will accept her more. But all in all I like her. Way to go Solenn!

Dennis Trillo and Paulo Avelino. Oh man! They were the film’s sexiest persona. They contributed most of the bed scene and I would say that Paulo is getting hotter and hotter. Denis Trillo’s role is very refreshing. Happy that he enjoyed giving life to his reprising role. I love his line, “Sawa na kong maging mahirap. Gagamitin ko sila para umangat” very challenging. For Eula Caballero, I find her very pretty and fresh. As a daughter of Maricel and Gabby I think she gave justice to the role. Sadly, not enough exposure in the film to prove her craft in Drama. I would love to see her more acting on a big screen.

I love Direk Jun Lana’s works. and I realized I have seen some of them. He directed Kulam with Judy Ann Santos and Tarot with Marian Rivera. Of course I first met him during the press conference of My Neighbor’s wife. Before I know him as a screenplay writer. I have seen Sa Pusod ng Dagat in 1998, he wrote the script for Marilou Diaz-Abaya. It won the Best Screenplay award at the Brussels International Filmfest. Other films he wrote are Jose Rizal (1998, Best FAMAS Screenplay award) and Bagong Buwan (2001). He has also written script for sex-dramas like Sa Paraiso ni Efren (1999); Red Diaries (2001); and Bedtime Stories (2002). Other films he wrote are Saranggola (1999); Soltera (1999); and the rom-com I Think I’m in Love (2002) starring Piolo Pascual and Joyce Jimenez. but I wanna meet him and talk to him casually. Seriously, I wanna talk to him and feature him here.

I think hes a really good script writer. In Yesterday, today and tomorrow. The story was well written. I didn’t find it hard to understand the interrelationship between the characters. Though there are some dialogues in the movie that I wished would have been rewritten. Like the line “Im tired and I don’t have enough energy to argue” was used twice by Solenn to Paulo and Gabby to Carla.

All in all the movie is good. With the absence of MANO PO series in the Filmfest, I think Yesterday, today and Tomorrow is the best Drama entry for this year. In fairness, I didn’t predicted some of the scenes on the film. Nice movie for me. Im expecting Best Actress Award for Maricel Soriano.

Rod Magaru rates 3.5 stars out of 5.

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