(GADGET) You Can Now Capture the Real You with the new OPPO Selfie Expert Series!


From my OPPO F3 experience, I can say that OPPO indeed elevated itself as the front runners in selfie game and even our Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo can even attest to that. Before I proceed, let me show you how OPPO is indeed a selfie expert as proven by the hottest stars of today, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

Just recently, I was able to bond with two of my gorgeous friends in blogging community to discuss smartphones and it was funnier than I expected. With Rhea Camille Chong and Rhea Bue who is equally love to take a selfie, that afternoon was filled with unlimited shots and takes from the upcoming, latest edition of OPPO’s selfie expert series, the OPPO F5.

I love my post production filters on my smartphones as it add additional colors to my Instagram feed but good thing, the OPPO F5 offers an A.I. Beauty Recognition technology that further cements its position as the Selfie Expert in the market.


I think more than its effort to meet the current demands of its ever-increasing young mobile user target group, they were able to also cater the needs of the not so young too. My Mom now is using an OPPO F3 and she is loving the camera!

For the one we used below, it has a first full-screen FHD+ display model, providing a vivid, visual enjoyment without increasing the size of the phone.

I was teasing both Rheas to take as many selfies as we want. So here are some of the shots we did while enjoying pasta and Pizza.

The OPPO F5 will be officially launched on October 26 at City of Dreams, Pasay City. OPPO is set to capture real moments together with OPPO’s celebrity ambassadors in a night filled with style and innovation.

Why do I love selfie? Here are some of the reasons.

    1. Taking selfies serves as an outlet – it allows me to express myself with just one click. It’s like making and capturing my own art every day.
    2. Most of my selfie likers are my ever-supportive blogger barkada (Ruth and Rodel) and my followers. Every time I take selfies, I always think about them – that this is the kind of selfie they’d like to see.

  1. The formula for the best selfie is good lighting and a good camera. And if you were to ask me, I only trust the selfie expert when it comes to taking selfies.
  2. With OPPO, I am sure that all my photos turn out great – as if it was taken through a professional cam because of its super clear front camera that helps me achieve a natural selfie.

True to its promise, the OPPO F5 will come with features and functions that are simpler and more humanized, which would be unveiled at the launch event later on. For more announcements about the OPPO F5, please visit https://www.facebook.com/OPPOPH/


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