(LIFESTYLE) How Fitbit Blaze, A Stylish Smartwatch Improved My Lifestyle.


Last July, a twitter friend sent me a black pedometer watch in the office as a birthday gift. I know that since the start of the year I was looking for it so maybe I tweeted it sometime hence he had an idea what to give me. It was very helpful because from that day on I did challenge myself to track my steps daily. Then I lost count, and I got a new watch so I lost monitoring again. Right after that it was time for me to renew my gym membership but then I knew something was not right. I’ve been trying to stay fit but I always don’t give much attention about the sleep I’m getting. I did not have exact visibility of my progress so I just know gym time is but a lazy routine, a classy but dated excuse to compensate for my numerous food trips with friend. It was a wake-up call for me.

So then I research for a tracking device that would measure (well, I mean in lieu of a trainer) my activities such as my steps, my sleep and at the same time, serves as my mini smartphone reminder. Of course, what first came to mind was an apple watch. But I didn’t like its girly and rounded shape design, aside from it being “that” expensive.

I remember crowd sourcing for a good fitness watch on facebook and twitter and they mentioned a lot of brands, FITBIT was one of them. I know some of my blogger friends are having FITBIT Charge, a sleek style sporty watch. So I went to the mall, amazon online store and found out that there’s a lot of style FITBIT is offering.


So, I went to the Digital Walker branch in podium to see the different variants for myself. I saw the FITBIT BLAZE, and from the moment, I know it was waving back at me. I am in love with its style already. The rest was well, I don’t wanna say, history but damn yeah. HISTORY.

Fitbit Blaze020

Ok when I finally got hold of my FITBIT BLAZE, I knew it would look good on my wrist. But of course I have to charge it first LOL. Funny is that weeks before I finally got my Blaze, I already created FITBIT account. The box contains Fitbit Blaze Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband and a charger.

Fitbit Blaze018

Fitbit Blaze006

The wrist band looks amazing and you can actually get other colors such as blue, violet and a classic silver band metal. I saw other options as well in Digital Walker store in Century Mall and and you know, that place is heaven. I think they got everything that we need in life haha! Anyway, I charged it fully because it promises five days of life including syncing all of your activities to your app.

Fitbit Blaze001

At the back of the fitness watch, you’ll see a three-axis accelerometer, gyro sensor and an altimeter to track elevation. I am amazed at how this blaze measure the floors I exerted to climb other than my usual steps. As usual, I got what I needed, notifications on screen, like calls, texts, calendar events and push notifications from apps.

Fitbit Blaze008

I liked how I can change its faces as there are different designs to choose from. Its high resolution touchscreen gave me away. Its responsiveness is just perfect for me.

FITBIT Blaze Rod Magaru

There is also FITSTAR, a workout plan wherein you can get step-by-step instructions and coaching right on your wrist.

Fitbit Blaze011
And of course my favorite feature, the sleep tracking and alarm. Even before I don’t know how much hours I get in a day to make time for a sound, comforting sleep since I am a busier person from the man I was yesterday. So I needed to be reminded of this lack of discipline in sleeping on time because nowadays, money is no longer the root of all evil, WIFIS ARE!

FITBIT automatically tracks sleep duration and consistency.  This is what I really like! You can set your bedtime so you’ll get a nightly reminder to stop whatever you are doing. There is also some relevant tips for improving your sleep quality.

From now on, I am more conscious of the number of hours I am sleeping and it really helped me go to bed because of my consistent less than 7 hours of sleep a day. According to Kris Aquino in her recent video, lack of sleep makes us ugly so I am pushing for extra hours!

Fitbit Blaze015

From the app itself, I noticed that I sleep lightly. For starters, I promise a seven hour sleep in a day, see the days where there are stars on it. Means I reached my goal.

FITBIT Blaze Rod Magaru

Wearing a FITBIT Blaze now really helped me monitor my activities. I usually workout only if I have time on weekends but now, measurement and comparison is a good way to be reminded that to be fit is a choice, and we must really spend time on it. Look at how it measured my daily steps. I set 10,000 steps daily. I know its hard but I will make sure to at least achieve 70% weekly.

FITBIT Blaze Rod Magaru
I will wear FITBIT BLAZE until I reach my goal, an extra deep-sleep and an equally balanced fitness activities. For more information about FITBIT BLAZE, you can visit any DIGITAL WALKER branches nationwide or visit their facebook page here: DIGITAL WALKER


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