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(MOVIE REVIEW) TUHOG from SkyLight Films Defined Mainstream-Independent (MAINDIE) Film Possible.

“Life does have its ups and downs, and it is impossible to be happy all of the time. But, when those joyous moments do arise, enjoy them, savor them, and find a special place for them.”

Part of ABS-CBN Film Productions Inc.’s 20th anniversary celebration and directed by award-winning director Venorica “Ronnie” Velasco, “Tuhog” is a heartwarming yet funny tale of connected lives of three people who are all going through tough times–Fiesta (Eugene), a woman who lost hope on life because she thought that nobody loves her; Caloy (Enchong), a impetuous teenager who is so excited to try everything; and Tonio (Leo), a senior citizen, who believes that time is running out but still excited to live out his dream.



Story/Directed by Veronica Velasco

Screenplay: Jinky Laurel.

Also Starring: Noel Trinidad, Ariel Ureta, Nikki Valdez, Carla Martinez, Maliksi Morales, Kitkat, Beauty Gonzales, Rodjun Cruz, Eda Nolan, Bodjie Pascual, Meggie Cobarrubias, Jon Achiaval, Manuel Chua, Nor Domingo, Hyubs Azarcon, Nico Antonio, Allyzon Lualhati, Joe Vargas and Nicco Manalo.


From the title itself, you will find the movie more appealing to sexy, naughty, controversial affairs involving flesh. Blame it on previous movie with the same title discussing sex and violence. TUHOG by Skylight Films IS A MASTERPIECE! The movie is not pretentious, TRUE TO ITS MEANING, THE MOVIE is a CASUAL STORY TELLING OF ARE LIVES in the past, present and the future.

The story actually starts with the bang. Direk Roni placed the scenario explaining the title itself. This was a heavy blow because Caloy, Tonio and Fiesta character still unexplained. But I love that Direk Roni did that to establish something. Subplots tend to be more endearing explaining Tonio, Fiesta and Caloy’s background.

Fiesta, burdened by such seemingly insurmountable difficulties, tends to drive the story of WHYS? Caloy, with his sexual urges and college life also gave the viewers a flaskback of our late teens and early twenties escapades. The film does feel slow at times as it progresses, but then something happens to reel the viewer back in. More importantly, the film provides a role of a lifetime to Eugene Domingo as the bus conductor who seems to lose all her humaneness in a difficult situation. And if that’s not enough, it marks another return of the talented Leo Martinez to mainstream independent cinema after the disastrous movie and TV projects he did before.

The climax of the movie is a major highlight, and brings tears in everyone’s eyes.  A few scenes and some dialogues have been written well, especially in the scenes where Jake and Eugene talk. Leo Martinez’ s dialogues are humorous. The supporting cast behind Leo as their comrades are simply brilliant. The movie brought me back to the question of when was the last time we allow our parents to do what they want to do? I think it was explained fairly, that

What I love about the movie is that the cinematography is superb and digitally crafted. Shots are all cleared. Digitally championed!  The acting was fairly good, considering its dramedy approach, I can say that Eugene, Jake, Enchong and Leo gave me goosebumps. Moreover, I will give standing ovation for Noel Trinidad.

My 5 favorite scenes are:

1. When Jake was so drunk and she said something to Fiesta that left her teary eyed in a moving bus. Geesh that dialogue is surreal!!!

2. Kissing scene at the Road and Fiesta’s reaction. Once in our lives there are suppressed emotions that we cant contain. THIS IS THE SCENE.

3. ALL OF Noel Trinidad scenes. I haven’t seen Noel for quite sometime but I give the slow clap to him.

4. Leo Martinez baking, playing “Pusoy-dos” with friends and their discussion.

5. Enchong and Empress internal scene at their anniversary where Enchong asks WHY?

The message is clear: To dwell on the things that we love, that make us happy, and that will make our lives worthwhile.”Never let yourself lose the best of you in times of the worst. Wealth, status, and career are irrelevant when you are on your deathbed. The only thing that truly matters at the end of your life is how many people loved you for who you were, not what you did for a living. If you are unhappy with something, change it. If you need to resolve a difference with another person, work on it. Life really is too precious and too fragile to wait for another moment that isn’t now.


I hope Direk Roni and Enrico can read this and I will say this again, keep doing good movies that is away from highly commercialized environment. This is the kind of movie that we should have where the approached is mainstream-independent but distributed widely.

Explore, discuss, enjoy

  • Does the movie teach us anything? How have other movies dealth with the same subject? Why do you think this movie was received so warmly? What makes it special?


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