• Sunday , 23 October 2016

(BOOK) Summit Books Brings PAPA JACK as He Teaches Us All About L-O-V-E!

Yesterday, February 17, Sunday. I attended another book launch at  Bestsellers, Robinsons Galleria. It is the much awaited book launch of Papa Jack of 90.7 Love Radio, the most popular radio jock of today as Summit books launched this months of hearts, The book entittled “Everything I need to Know About Love I Learned from Papa Jack.” 

Papa Jack

I was able to talk to him about things I needed to know  about him and I would say, yes I AM IMPRESSED with his thoughts, his wit and funny vibes. Honestly, I dont have time to listen to FM radios since I have playlists and albums to listen, and I can only catch his radio show on my way home. But meeting him personally and (currently) reading his book now made me realized, he is really making sense! Now I will try to catch his show (TRY ha!) starting tonight. Because he is really the cool PAPA JACK!


One thing I remember him answering a question that really made my day was, “How to Move ON?” and he answered, “Walang sagot dyan eh. There’s no definite answer. Kase on moving on, iba iba tayo ng pag-momove on. Parang Immune system yan. Magkakaiba tayo. Isa syang proseso.” For some quiet moment in me I thought I was in a Mr. Papable contest Q and A and Papa Jack won.

With a compilation of 365 love quotations from his hit program True Love Confessions and Wild Confessions, this book is definitely a must read for the entire year – one quote a day really keeps the heartache away! The book will teach you years worth of wisdom whether you are single, dating, in a relationship, “its complicated” or brokenhearted.

This book will take you on a journey as you ride with Papa Jack to 6 Stopovers in the subject that is mostly-complicated, sometimes “Oh so sweeet: LOVE – from courtship, to healing that broken heart, to learning to love again. You will surely Laugh and cry with the stories of the most memorable callers on Papa Jack’s radio program! This book will surely teach you to love better, not just to your significant other, but most importantly, to love yourself even more.

Everything I need To Know About Love I Learned from Papa Jack is available in bookstores nationwide for only P143. Good gift item for your friends and love ones.

Now I think I want to have an exclusive interview with him for Rod Magaru Show. Dont You think guys?

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