• Sunday , 29 May 2016

(FOOD) Carlo Rossi Wines. Its Just A Matter of Taste.

I am a Red Winer, as they say. And as a symbol of status and celebration, wine-drinking has become part of many Filipino festivities and has become evident in Philippine lifestyle. While it has become a common sight, one may note that a hurdle to wine drinking among Filipinos is the preference for sweetness.

Carlo Rossi“We Pinoys are known to have sweet tooth. We love sweet delicacies and it is apparent in our usual practices like cooking. For instance, most of us enjoy our spaghetti because it’s sweet. There’s no wonder we also look for that sweetness in drinks, even in wines. Globally also, there is a growing preference for sweet wines,” shares Von de Torres, Managing Director of Emperador Distillers, the company that distributes the Carlo Rossi brand of red and white wines in the Philippines.

The market of wine drinkers has been growing and can be somehow attributed to the openness of females to wine drinking because of its perceived health benefits. However, the preference for sweet wine is dominant since they find dry wines bitter. To satisfy this, the company brings to the market, from Carlo Rossi, the No.1 Imported Wine in the Philippines…Rossi Sweet Red.

To suit the quality and authenticity of a red wine that fits the Filipino taste, Rossi Sweet Red provides a well balanced palate, complemented by fresh fruit flavors and a velvety soft-finish.

Crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun drenched vineyards, Rossi Sweet Red is soft and sweet, with layers of vanilla and flavors of bright cherry and wild raspberry. It is guaranteed to burst with flavor and aroma with the right alcohol content, so Rossi Sweet Red isn’t just grape juice packed in a wine bottle.

Furthermore, Rossi Sweet Red innovates a creative means to drink wines: Have it on the rocks. The ice complements the rich, deep red color and allows the drinker to enjoy its sweet taste in the smoothest way possible. “This is a perfect fit for a tropical country such as ours,” says de De Torres.

The status and symbol that wine-drinking connote still remains but overall, the most important thing is still satisfaction.

Discover a different kind of sweetness from Rossi Sweet Red Wine, best enjoyed on the rocks.

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