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As Im drafting my first exclusive to the Rod Magaru Show on twitter which happens every other Sunday midnight, I am also thinking the same concept of meeting all of the friends I know from entertainment to college buddies to corporate world. And Im surprised that most of the people i want to do an exclusive has a common denominator: People magnet.

I dont know but i guess I m surrounded with people who loves people too. So Im a people person now? Whatever! All I know is that I want to do a short comfy talks with the people I know and share the talk to everyone. No matter who you are, I will knock at your doorstep soon.

Alright, guess who’s my first pick? He is one of the talented teens from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition (Teen Clash), Ooops The Big Winner of the same batch and, The Man who can’t be moved no other than, JAMES REID!

Well how do I know him? Of course this season of PBB has captured my attention since most of them are cool and interesting. PBB is so dear to my heart, and I got to know James early this year with the help of common friends. In fact I was honoured to be asked to host his birthday Party and 18th birthday of Devon Seron last May this year.

For starters, James Reid is the Big Winner of PBB Teen Edition last year. He is currently busy with a teen show, he’s already done filming a short film and just released a digital album by Star Records. His slum book would look like this:

Real Name: Robert James Reid
Origin: Australia
Birthdate: May 11
Nationality: Half-Australian, Half-Filipino
Civil Status: Single
Hobbies: Swimming, Music, Going to the beach
Favorite Food: Sinigang

Wednesday: A very sporty James approached me around ABSCBN to sit on my interview. He just came from a rehearsal of GOODVIBES which airs every Sunday. Thank you to OHANAs and Starmagic for setting the schedule for us. The chat was undeniably fun and very light so we first discuss GOODVIBES, his DIGITAL ALBUM and the SHORT FILM. After that late lunch we started the conversation.

Rod: Hey James! How are you? You seem very busy with a lot of stuff lately.

James: Actually just rehearsals. Last Sunday we launched the digital album in #ASAPROCKS. (smiles) then nothing much.

Rod: Ok, so let’s proceed with your GOODVIBES show, It’s interesting that your character as Spencer as well with Maribeth are two of the most interesting characters in the show. Are you the lead of the show?

James: Hmm. The character of Spencer and Maribeth is indeed big part of the story. Not exactly the lead but in terms of romantic stuff, i think we are the main focus.

Rod: Why do you think audience loves your loveteam in goodvibes?

James: I think the fans like the idea that a simple Filipina will meet someone like a prince charming, very persistent and sweet, Cinderella type. Or maybe because the kilig factor was all there.

Rod: How would you describe Spencer? Do you see yourself from him?

James: Well. Hmmm. Im not like Spencer. (Laugh)

Rod: why?

James: I think Spencer is the type of guy who is willing to do anything for Maribeth.

Rod: So James not willing to do everything for Devon? Or other girls?

James: Haha no I mean, Spencer is weird, ridiculous romantic guy. I think I am just relax, more of a laid back.

Rod: But how would you differentiate Spencer as compared to you in a non romantic way?

James: Yup I think Spencer is very similar to me. (Laughs)

Rod: How is your relationship with your co-stars in the show?

James: Goodvibes, they are family to me. They are actually my closest friends here. So most of the time it’s the same group i hang out with. We always hang out. They are my good friends.

Rod: GOODVIBES is bidding goodbye this August, let’s say, the show has another Season and the story would probably bring another girl, how would you want the story to progress, if you will be given a chance to suggest?

James:  I think It would be interesting if there’s a new angle. But If given a chance to suggest, I still would like to end up with Maribeth. I think I like to see a scene where my true love for maribeth will be proven. Something like that.

Rod: woh?

James: (smiles)

Rod: So what’s next for James Reid after GOODVIBES?

James: Uhm I auditioned for a lead role. Some upcoming shows. (Sorry, guys I cannot mention the show yet) And we have taped an episode for Maynila I think it will be aired on other network this weekend, saturday.

Rod: Let’s talk about the digital album. Congratulations!

James: Thanks. This Digital album is produced by Star Records. It has four songs and everyone can download it for only 99 pesos. Its all about being cool, teens life, having fun and doing what you wanna do.

Rod: Who compose the songs?

James: These are all original we did some contributions (Bret)

Rod: what is your favourite among the lists?

James: I think the One Night Romance.

Rod: I’ve heard you dedicated one song to Devon? Is that true? And what is it?

James: There is actually no love songs in the album. But however I think The One Night Romance is the one I dedicated for her.

Rod: Why? Whats behind the lyrics?

James: The song is not actually a love song, but in the end you will find some romantic touch on it, theres this line in the end that says, “You’re not just a one night romance..”

Rod: Cool! Hmmm. Any favourite among the 4 tracks.

James: Well I like the part when we did a rap.

Rod: Wow a rap?

James: Yes, it was really fun when we were doing the recording. And we are the ones who compose the rap part. And, you will also hear some familiar voices there from my friends in PBB.

Rod: Are you guys going to have a music video for it?

James: I think there’s one Im not sure when but yeah! Fans should wait for it. I hope they will download the songs.

Rod: Nice! Im sure your fans are already downloading your songs as of this moment. Ok now I’ve heard you did an INDIE FILM? Tell me about this INDIE FILM. Its Story etc.

James:  Yes. A group of Students from La Salle got me into this indie. The Title is ON THIN ICE. The story is about an Girl Ice skater. And she is very good on her craft until her father died so she stopped skating for around four years. And then she met this guy name Paul, who also has a highest record mark skating for around 14 years. He grew up from Australia and He saw an opportunity to use Crystal (Dela Rama) to be her instructor. So what Paul did is to befriend her. The main reason why She is using Crystal is to make him more popular in the Philippines.

Rod: How did you got selected for a role?

James: Actually, one of the group I dont remember who saw me in GOODVIBES CREW on TV and then they sent the clip (my kind of acting) to these La Salle Students. They presented the video and said, “Hey, this is the perfect guy to do the part.”

Rod: Will this Film be available to public for general screening?

James: The film I think is a project (thesis) of the students. And this will be shown only in La Salle on 3rd week of August.

They will have it presented to the panel and probably if they will like it, there’s a chance it will be seen by everyone.

Rod: How long is the film?

James:  I think this will run for only 22 minutes. I/we actually shot the entire film for around two days.


Rod: What is James Reid’s Ordinary day like?

James: If I don’t have tapings, I usually swim or hang out with friends. And I go to gym sometimes at.. (Oops I think James don’t want to get stalked)

Rod: Do you have evening rituals? Vanity stuff before going to bed.

James: Ah none. I think washing my face is enough.

Rod: Ok so lets talk about Devon, she is your love team right now in GV and your fans are really happy on the CHAT session with you and her. How’s the experience?

James: Yeah, it was really fun and were like just talking with people were comfortable with. Super nice experience.

Rod: What’s your current status with Devon? Friends, special friends etc.

James: We are really good friends. Ver close. Ok, I used to like Devon. Right now we are really just good friends.

Rod: Really?

James: Yeah. (Then he smiled). Were just good friends.

Rod: What do you think is special to Devon? Or something you like about her?

James: It’s not that I find something really special but I think.. uhm (Pauses then he continued)  Well, her laugh is really contagious. It really affects our mood. What I like about her is she don’t like drama at all. Just being happy as what she is.

Rod: Given a chance of course you have a lot of stars being paired with you, how’s your relationship with your other love teams.

James: We are all close. And I know that I will be not be paired with Devon at all times. Though we really got closed during PBB days, were together during Shoutouts and now in Goodvibes. And of course i would also like to be paired with other leading ladies in the future. Im not closing my doors.

Rod: Speaking of future, any role you want to play should you be given a chance?

James: I like to play super human. Haha. Yeah I think those with super powers.

Rod: And who do you want to be your female lead?

James: Meagan Young? I think she’s cool.

Rod: Anyone else aside from Meagan?

James: Hmmm. RR? (smiles) Coz there’s this one episode in GV I think I love that episode when she come out and then said “Hey Boys..” Thats really good and cool.

Rod: Ok cool! I think were done!

James: Wow Thank you.

Then Sam Concepcion dropped by to where we Are doing the interview and said hi.

Im surely believe James will come a long way. And of course he really wants the support from everyone. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation. Theres actually more to come in the coming months with James!

(Special thanks to Jhoy Chua and Cacay for the photos and to Joric Pecson for the company)


UPNEXT: Ohh, Wait I have to call Star Magic again for another exclusive! WHOS YOUR GUESS?


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