• Friday , 28 October 2016


Another successful BLOCK SCREENING hosted by ASHLLOYD family was held last Saturday, March 26 at Trinoma Cinema 2 for the anticipated movie offering of Star Cinema and Viva Films, CATCH ME IM IN LOVE Starring Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo.

The event was well attended by all of Sarah and Gerald fans bringing all their shoutout to the movie. Present during the movie also is non other than the Director herself, Direk Mae Cruz and creative Producer Kriz Gazmen. The AshLloyds friends, as the main host for the event was standing and welcoming guests and friends since 12pm for ticket distribution.

They also gaveaway a very memorable key chain as souvenir for the block Screening.

AshLloyds has always been successful in supporting and hosting Block Screening, be it a John Lloyd Cruz film or Sarah Geronimo in a movie. Last november they successfully hosted the My Amnesia Girl as well. I also saw other Sarah Geronimo fans joining the block screening and they got the chance for some photo ops with Direk Mae.

with Direk Mae Cruz during the BLock Screening.

Why successful? The Block Screening was actually made for the entire AshLloyd (Sarah – John Lloyd fans) family and yet attended by majority of all Sarah fans (Trust me they have big groups) and of course with some Geraldnatics and a lot of Gerald Fans. Direk Mae Cruz said prior to start of the movie that she is very grateful about the fans who are very supportive. And she is very grateful for the ASHLLOYD family for the support. I am also impressed with how they pulled a very hard screening to roganize like this.

Star Cinema Booking and Distribution confirmed it yesterday that the movie earned Php15 million on its first day of showing to over 100 theaters nationwide.

Me and Direk Mae With @JomzAjGutierrez, @AkosiDrew @MyronParinas @boncedrick from twitter

Present also were some of my friends whom I got the chance to see the movie. I generously gaveaway some free block screening tickets and they enjoyed the movie very well. (Photos to follow tonight) I even heard kilig reactions not only to them but to the entire crowd.

Congratulations to ASHLLOYD Family for another successful block screening you hosted for the support, at this time for Sarah Geronimo movie. I am not sure If Im going to post your photos here since some of you are closet BALDIKS and silently yet rockingly supporting the ASHLLOYDS. Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONSSSS!!!

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